National Organization of Organic Farmers

Advisory Board


Federation is endeavoring to bring about social and financial self- reliance in the life of farmers. CHAMF has an Advisory Board  of eminent persons from all sectors as Agricultural Mass Media, Banking, Research, Product Development, Marketing, Cultivation, Agro Export, Agro Processing,  Agriculture Law etc. to guide the farmers with current strategies and recent technologies.

We are cultivating 10-12 high value crops in about 10,000 acres of land and successfully dealing not only in the domestic market but also achieved the trend in the global market of the high yielding herbals with valuable  information on farming, research, marketing, processing   and consumption  to farmers and  life care Quality product to civilization.

. The present global socio-economic panorama demands for cultivation of high value medicinal and aromatic plants. To tap the rising demand of herbs and herbal drugs on large scale in the National and International Market commercialization of medicinal and aromatic plants has became the need of the hour.

For this venture CHAMF is constituting an “Advisory Board” of Agricultural Experts in the field of Project Planning, Agricultural Finance, Agronomical Research and Development, Agricultural Export, Marketing and sales, Packaging and Transportation, Agricultural Education and Training, Agricultural Law, Agricultural Mass Communication, Rural Development, Agro Industry, Agro Pharmacy and Agricultural Co-operative sector. .

List of Members
S.No. NAME OF MEMBER Faculty of Advise ADDRESS

Dr. Mayaram Uniyal

Expert of Ayurveda

Noida (UP)


Dr. Gurpal Singh Jariyal   

Edu.& Training of herbal farming



Mr. Ramesh Chandra Tiwari

Eminent Soil Scientist

Varanasi - (UP)


Justice Ret. S.N. Gopalkrishnan

Agricultural Law

Chennai (Tamilnadu)


Dr. Ramashankar

Organic farming Expert

Kondagaon, Bastar (C.G.)


Mr. Ranjan Kumar

Bio Informatics Expert


7 Dr. Virendra Kumar Dubey Agri .Extn. and Services Varanasi (U.P )
8 Dr. A.N.Dubey Plant Agronomy New Delhi
9 Dr. A.K.Sahu Forest Ecologist Bubneshwar (Orrisa )
10 Dr. Varsha Mishra Herbal Standardisation & Q.C. Lakhnow
11 Mr. G.D. Panchal Renold Enterprenuer & Industralist Ahmadabad Gujrat
12 Shri Manish singh Export Marketing Ahmdabad Gujrat
13 Pro . V.B. Pandey Bio -Chemistry R&D Varanasi U.P
14 Mr. Janardan Mishra Wild Life Protetion Dhanbad Jharkhand
15 Mr. H.S. Sharma Product Deveopment Gurgaon
16 Shri Anupam Goshwami Agri Mass Media New Delhi
17 Dr. Preeti Joshi Expert of Bio Manure Bhopal M.P
18 Mr. Selvom Denial (Encon)International Organic Farming Consultant Nakshatra badi,Aurangabad  Maharastra
19 Dr.DurgaPrasad Behra Ethnomedico Specialist Titlagarh (Orrisa )
20 Dr.S.K.Patra Expert Homeopathy Bhubneshwar Orrisa .
21 Mr. Sinji Takara Japanees Expert of E.M. Tech Pune Maharastra


22   23




                              Engineer,NTPC New Delhi