National Organization of Organic Farmers



The Central Herbal Agro Marketing Federation of India popular as CHAMF India is the non-profit  making association of Indian organic herbal grower farmers. The federation is   committed for growth and prosperity of the farmers by certified organic cultivation and marketing of OTC product.

The federation is started in October 2002 by the great effort of Founder member 
  Dr. Rajaram Tripathi
 . CHAMF is the registered organization under societies Registration Act 1973 under section 44 vide Registration Number CG 554 on 28 th March 2003 The Federation envisage to boost the economic growth in rural area by creating jobs in cultivation and small value addition on rural levels.

The Federation is networking the farmers, growers, traders, manufacture and consumers to benefit from bio-technology revolution in herbal farming. The federation is aimed to provide the information on every aspect of herbal cultivation .

It is strong platform of farmers to directly speak to Indian Government, manufacturer, policy makers and researchers in herbal industry.

  The federation has all India network to support the farmers in cultivation, technology, processing and marketing. At present there are  more than 20000 members who have benefited from the 14 technical consultancy cell of CHAMF operating over 19 States in India. .

The CHAMF has Strategic tie-up for supply of planting material and buy-back of the end produce to the ex-servicemen of the army under the ARMS To FARMS scheme of the Directorate General of Resettlement ( DGR ) ,Ministry of Defence Government of India.

The CHAMF is offering the High Value Medicinal plant Safed Musli, Stevia, Colius, jatropha, Ashwagandha, Kalmegh, Annato,Manjium, and many other herbs to Ex-servicemen of Army at 25 % concession rate .

The Central Herbal Agro Marketing Federation shall always strive for prosperity of the farmers and peace on the planet  by continuously  providing the  total solution for hi-profit sustainable organic farming   to  conserve the bio-diversity of the planet.
CHAMF  is  biggest marketing organization of organic herbal and aromatic plants grower from India . The federation of farmer  will always provide the state of the are  cultivation technology, certified planting material/seeds  and best prices to the  associated farmers. Valuable  information on farming, research , marketing, processing   and consumption  to farmers and  life care Quality product to civilization.
CHAMF is a registered organization under society registration act 1973  has a advisory board  from all walk of agriculture –cultivation , agro marketing, agro finance, agro export, agro processing,  agriculture law and  agriculture mass media communication  to guide the farmers .On  regional level a chapter to ensure fast dissemination of   information and solution to the farmers.