National Organization of Organic Farmers

Our Services

  • Marketing of organic herbs, wild crafted herbs and essential oil in National and International market.
  • Supply of organic planting material of medicinal and aromatic plants.
  • Soil testing and product testing services.
  • Training for medicinal and aromatic plants on cultivation and processing.
  • Dissemination of information about research, marketing, products and Processing.

Join Us Today For :..

  • Quality organic planting material, Seeds, plants etc.
  • Project Report and Agri-information
  • State of the Art new technology transfer
  • Facilities for storage, processing & extraction facilities for herbals and aromatics
  • Assistance in Bank Finance & information about Govt. Schemes and regulations act & subsidies provided by Govt.

The Chamf Shall Always Strive for the following:-

  1. To increase the profit margin of the herbal farmers
  2. To provide a alternative market place for selling the end produce of the farmers.
  3. To take up research and development for creating innovative OTC product for health care
  4. To undertake R & D to develop the agronomy for new medicinal and Aromatic plants in demand.
  5. To build and create the product testing facilities
  6. To Create the Employment and wealth in rural areas by creatin labor intensive natural technology.
  7. To earn the foreign exchange by exporting the herbs in global market.
  8. To increase the Cultivation of MACs , production and consumption of natural product made from organic medicinal plant
  9. To create a information bank on all information related to herbal Industry.
  10. To disseminate information to rural farmers, industrial house government and research houses on problems confronted by theorganic herbal farmers.
  11. To Organise the professionals from all walk of agribusiness to share their ideas to benefit the global organic farmers.